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.: Don Forbes' Douglas DC-3 (Airfix Re-release)





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3 months

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"A good re-release,
and I like it "

During the Berlin Airlift, the United States Air Force 86th Tactical Fighter Wing at Neubiberg air base in West Germany operated a C- 47 Skytrain support aircraft. On 22nd October 1948, as a gift for the children of Berlin, the C-47 was used to fly 7,000lb (3175kg) of Candy, along with a baby Camel called 'Clarence' into Tempelhof airport in the US sector of Berlin. The camel was the mascot of the 525th Fighter Squadron based at Neubiberg and had been bought by a member of the squadron in Tripoli for $50 and shipped to Germany in the bomb bay of a B-26 Invader bomber. When Berlin was besieged the base personnel decided to present both it and the candy to the children as a gesture of goodwill for Christmas.

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Designed to meet an American Airlines requirement for an enlarged version of the DC-2, the DC-3 was first flown on December 17th, 1935. Capable of carrying 24 passengers at a cruising speed of 180 mph, the DC-3's speed and long range revolutionized commercial air travel in the 1930s and 40s, when it carried 90 percent of the world's air travelers. Early DC-3s used Wright R-1820 Cyclone engines, but Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp Radials were fitted to later versions; these engines had better single engine performance and allowed the DC-3 to fly at higher altitudes.

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