.: Don Forbes' 3D Printer 1/24th?? Dr Who "DALEK"

3D Printer
Modelling Time:
~2 days
PE/Resin Detail:

"Figure made from a 3D Printer, easy assembly & fun to paint"

If you look closely you can see the "layers' that make up the "image"?

3D printing

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For methods of applying a 2-D image on a 3-D surface, see pad printing. For methods of printing 2-D parallax stereograms that seem 3-D to the eye, see lenticular printing and holography.
An ORDbot Quantum 3D printer
Timelapse video of a hyperboloid object print (made of PLA) using a RepRap "Prusa Mendel" 3D printer for molten polymer deposition

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing[1] is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes.[2] 3D printing is considered distinct from traditional machining techniques, which mostly rely on the removal of material by methods such as cutting or drilling (subtractive processes).

A materials printer usually performs 3D printing processes using digital technology. Since the start of the twenty-first century there has been a large growth in the sales of these machines, and their price has dropped substantially.[3]

The technology is used for both prototyping and distributed manufacturing in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, and many other fields.

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For your interest, folks, 3D printers are now available for as little as $1000AU, and attach to your PC via USB.

There are thousands of models you can download & "print", or you can create your own through any number of CAD Programs. Some of these printers are actually smart enough to build "scaffolding" around the fragile parts of your model, which you then remove CAREFULLY, to reveal your finished piece.

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