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.: Bob Williams' Unterseeboot U.99 Submarine





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"A Type VIIc, was commanded by Otto Kretschmer with a crew of 44 men.

Kretschmer was a taciturn man (nick-named by his crew, 'Otto the Silent') He was never-the-less the most successful U.boat 'Ace' of the war, sinking 44 ships of a total of (variously recorded as) between 226,629 and 262,203 tons. In any case, a record not exceeded by any other Commander.

His luck ran out on 17th March, a914, when, while stalking a convoy Southeast of Iceland, U.99 was attacked by a British destroyer, 'Walker', commanded by Donald McIntyre.
After losing three men to gunfire, the U.boat was destroyed by self-destruct charges and Kretschmer and the rest of the crew were captured and went into internment in Canada - probably luckily, as U.boat crew mortality was notoriously high.

Revell Kit No. 5054 (1976)
I bought this kit at Camberwell Sunday Market for $20. I didn't have high expectations for it, but it turned out to be surprisingly good.
I built it 'Out-of-box'. "


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