.: Bob Williams' "Old-School" Modelling: Camouflage & Weathering

Please note that Bob DOES NOT own, or use, an airbrush,
in any of his models.

There are other ways!!!

I'll attempt to precis some of Bob's tips here, linking to relevant photos.
Bob first spoke about the figures he loves to work on, mainly being 120mm figures from Verlinden, although there are now many good offering coming from injection moulded plastic manufacturers, such as Tamiya.
Like this guy, which is very characteristic of Bob's work, with a lot of detail in the uniform & accessories, and Bob's artistic representation of the facial features & skintones. What is not immediately obvious is all the treatment that goes on to achieve realistic SHADING!

Bob went on to explain how he made much use of pencil (8H, 6H & 4H Staedtler) for shading and highlighting.

Bob's assortment of crayons

and here is the result - looks pretty damned good!!

In the tank below, Bob highlighted some of the panel lines with the 4H pencil, and then use the bristle brush to blur those lines, providing a weathered and soiled appearance.

Using all of the techniques, Bob manages to create "the real thing"!

and you can use the same ideas on aircraft too....
not that Bob does too many of those!

Thank you Bob! I'm sure that everyone watching went away with something new to go and try in their own modelling endeavours!!


Click on each image for a closer look

The throng hovers.........

Bob then moved on to camouflage patterns, where he uses a combination of rattle-can spray initial coats, perhaps with a quick swipe of a contrasting colour from another spray can, and finishing the job with pastel, applied with a bristle-brush.


The tank above & at left is an example of this method of camouflage application.
The pale tank shown below is another example - I'm afraid the photos don't do them justice.

To apply the pastel, Bob first rubs the crayon on to a piece of sandpaper, which then provide the perfect pallette from which to fill the bristle-brush, and later apply that to the model.

Here, Bob is applying the pastel, with the bristle-brush, to the model, having first spray painted the brown, then the green, with the crayon colour(ochre) being used in between to finalise the camouflage........Wow!!

A different camo scheme, achieved by a similar treatment as above.

What a great idea - perfectly simple!

Make sure you get good quality pencils!!

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