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.: Bob Williams' L.R.D.G. Diorama - for the "Rob McCallum Collection"


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"L.R.D.G. (Long Range Desert Group)
Motto: "Non vi sed arte"
(Not by strength, by guile)
with Chevrolet 30 cwt truck, sand bogged, and a Willys Jeep. With a Cyrenaican Arab, armed with a Lee Enfield .303 rifle, being "questioned" by an Indian Long Range Sqn. trooper. The other figures are a mix of British and N.Z. troops.

The vehicles are typically heavily armed. The Chev. with a Lewis Gun, an American .50 cal., a Boyes anti-tank rifle and a Bazooka! The Jeep has single and twin Lewis guns and a Thompson S.M.G. on the dash.
Not to mention the side arms being carried.

The general tenor of the scene seems to be - "W.T.F.A.W"!
North Africa, Late 1942

Tamiya vehicles & figures of various makers. "

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