.: Bob Williams' 1/72nd Heinkel He 178

This little aircrafts primary claim to fame was that it was the aircraft, designed from the outset as a jet, to fly under jet propulsion. A private venture of Heinkel, the He 178 had a dural fuselage and a wooden wing. The powerplant, primarily designed by Hans-Joachim Pabst von Ohain, initially burned gasoline but later switched to diesel J2. The first flight was a short hop on August 24, 1939 followed three days later by a second flight. This second flight proved to be somewhat exciting when a loss of thrust was experienced after a bird was ingested in the intake. The V1 flew again on November 1, 1939 for the RLM (including Udet and Milch) at Marienehe but did not generate much interest. The V1 flew a couple more times and was eventually destroyed in the Berlin Air Museum by Allied bombers. The V2, which was supposed to have larger wings, was never flown.

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