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The Battle of Waterloo (1815) and the 2nd Battalion, Royal Scots in Hong Kong (1941)

The 2nd Bn Royal Scots arrived in Hong Kong from India on 27th January 1938 under the command of Lt-Col Hall. Later that year Lt Col Hall was posted to a new command in UK and the Battalion came under Lt.Col D.J. McDougall, MC. He had fought in WW1 and had been wounded at Ypres and won the Military Cross whilst serving with the 1st Battalion in Macedonia. In 1941he was posted as Commandant of the Officer Cadet Training School at Maymyo, Burma and Lt Col Simon White became the commanding officer of the 2nd Battalion in Hong Kong on the eve of war. He too had won the Military Cross in WW1.

The Royal Scots have a long history established in 1633 they were known as the Royal Regiment or as the First of Foot. They were the oldest infantry regiment in the British Army.  They have a host of Battle Honours that are listed on their Regimental Colours.

The 3rd Battalion Royal Scots had fought under Arthur Wellesley, later to become the Duke of Wellington, in the Peninsular War and they had the distinction to be the first British Army unit to cross the border from Spain into France in hot pursuit of Napoleon's retreating army. They also fought at Waterloo in 1815.

The charge of the Royal Scots Greys at Waterloo -  Scotland forever
The famous painting by Lady Butler will always be associated in my mind's eye with that battle. Reputed to have yelled "Scotland Forever" as they rode down on the French men at arms. When I think of Waterloo I also think of those formidable red squares where men stood firm and faced the onslaught of cavalry - but held their ranks and their ground.

The thin red line holding firm - deployed in squares to fend off the charge of the French Cuirassiers

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