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Verlinden (1461)
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Camel Mounted Mameluke (Cavalier Dromadaire) in service with Napoleon's army in egypt (late) 1798. A number of Mamelukes were recruited by Napoleon as his bodyguards after fighting so bravely at the battle of the pyramids (for the Turks). A Mameluke, Roustam Raza, served Napoleon as his loyal bodyguard-come-valet until 1814, when he retired. Mamelukes were essentially mercenaries.

The dromedary regiment

The Egyptian campaign began in 1798. But it was more marked minds by the presence of many scientists who accompanied Bonaparte and forme the Institute in Cairo of Egypt , by the military successes. t But these scholars were also militars 
When victory was sure  a  Regiment of dromedaries was created 
The regiment was established January 9, 1799 (20 Nivôse Year VII) when Bonaparte realized that even heavily loaded camels could travel 60 km per day in the desert. Indeed the Armée d'Orient needed riders and uses of horses was particularly difficult in these countries also decided he use dromedar for military purposes by creating a special unit
On January 9th ,1799 , he created the Half Brigade of Dromaderies and in this unit acques Cavalier is appointed brigadier.
This unit consists of two squadrons of four companies of fifty-nine riders, receiving the remaining dragons. To provide every half-brigade had to give fifteen soldiers from among the best. Initially, there by camel, two riders placed back to back and armed with spears. But many riders being taken to nausea, it comes down to one rider per horse, rider now armed with a rifle with fixed bayonet.
This unit is composed solely of infantry with a headquarters and two squadrons of 8 companies of 59 men, four of which will be mounted
The officers will come through half of the cavalry and the infantry
The role of this regiment will protect convoys and taking action commando transport of mail and urgent, surveillance of dissident tribes
The men will be armed with bayonet rifle as the infantry and a long spear, but he does not fight mounted. With the approach of the enemy they are up-to-earth and form a square or they are sleeping their animals and use them as a barrier to fire
A third group will be created by General Kleber October 7, 1799.
it will be poured into the police station by the decree of September 5, 1801 (18 Fructidor An IX)
Bonaparte wants for his "dromedaries an  unrelated uniform immaterial with  French traditional uniforms. It loads Bernoyer Francois, the head of the clothing shop of the Army of Egypt, to design and implement a uniform, that he will call "unusual and funny"
The uniform also changed four times in appearance from the djellaba turban and a "look" more conventional. However this was far from Horseman uniform 
The men are dressed in a gray uniform turban Arabic style they have a rifle with a bayonet and cartridge box infantry spear
Companies have mounted a trumpeter and companies off a drum
Equipment arrived quickly but they go from gray to blue
On February 5  1799 the first equipment arriving will be distributed to the first squadron that should join the campaign of Syria

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