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.: Andrew Riddle's SCRATCHBUILT Icelandic Fishing Boat





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"Icelandic Fishing Boat called
Entirely scratch built. Plans were drawn from 4 photos. The boat will be radio-controlled with a geared DC motor.
The planned displacement is four kilograms. "

Schooner Hildur

Hildur was built in Akureyri in 1974 by two shipwrights, Gunnlaugur and Trausti. Trausti and sons would later become good friends with North Sailing and help the company convert most of it’s boats into passenger vessels. North Sailing owners got to know their special skills and enthusiasm for wooden boats and set a goal to later behold one of the three big wooden boats built in their shipbuilding station. It was then in the summer of 2009 that Hildur sailed into Husavik Harbour but only for a rather short visit in the local shipyard for overhaul before a 10 day journey to Denmark where she would be converted into a two masted schooner with 250 sqm of sails in the shipyard of Christian Jonsson in Egernsund.


The family run business that restored Hildur and Haukur  and converted them to gaff rigged schooners with comfortable accommodation have now saved six Icelandic oak fishing-boats and given them a new purpose. They have also purchased schooner Opal and converted it to an innovative electric powered vessel to reduce their carbon footprint when not under sail. They sail as adventure charter vessels exploring the Iceland coast and Greenland, or are in constant use as whale watching boats in North East Iceland - one of the most reliable locations to see big whales in the world. The story started in 1995 with the restoration of the wooden fishing boat Knörrinn and saving it from destruction. In the construction of these oak boats, Icelandic carpenters elevated their craftmanship to a fine art! Regulations concerning both the choice of materials and the strength of these boats, were particularly strict in Iceland, but the legacy now is that the port of Husavik has a small fleet of extremely seaworthy wooden ships and two schooners that can venture as far afield as Greenland.

Wooden Boats Around the World Unite !

Classic Sailing are excited to find another pioneering company that has a passion for preserving their national heritage and are active in supporting the coastal and maritime culture and customs by renovating their boats and building by the harbour in Husavik.

All of the fleet in Husavik are traditional wooden fishing boats, which have been carefully restored and adapted to a new role without compromising their original character. All the boats undergo strict inspection and are approved by Lloyd's Register.

Icelandic Voyages - Sail into the Arctic Circle

Magical photo of Blue whale in Iceland

Spotting and identifying wildlife at sea.

The small port of Husavik is home to Schooners Hildur, Haukur, Opal, Donna Wood and the rest of their whale watching fleet.  This family run business has made Husavik and Skjalfandi Bay famous for whale watching with a 98% success rate for whale sightings since 1995. Species spotted include all the big ones - Blue Whales, Humpback whales, Fin, Sei, Sperm Whales, Northern Bottlenose and ones of everones hit list like Killer Whales.  North East Iceland has awesome waterfalls like the mighty Dettifoss and some great walking and pony trekking in National Parks nearby.

Sailing Expeditions to East Greenland

Glacier backdrop in Greenland

Each summer the  Hildur ventures North, deep into the Arctic Circle, to the rarely visited East Coast of Greenland.  The ocean 'hop' from Iceland is quite challenging with icebergs being swept down from the North, but once Hildur tucks into Scoresby Sound she has a spectacular sailing ground for the short Arctic Summer. A few adventurous yachts now explore West Greenland, but the East Coast requires a more specialist commitment to run charter voyages.

These 7 day voyages include a flight from Iceland directly to Scorseby Sound in Greenland. 350 km long this extensive fjord system offers arctic wildlife like musk ox, polar bear, narwhal, spectacular rock walls, mountains and glaciers.  The ship carries an experienced wildlife guide who is also a sailor and there is plenty of hiking ashore too.  For more details see the individual voyage descriptions.

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