.: Andrew Liu's Hasegawa Curtiss P-40N

Modelling Time:
20 hrs
PE/Resin Detail:

"O.O.B. build
Tamiya masking tape Camo. "

P-40N / Kittyhawk Mk IV / Warhawk

Distinguishing Features

Modified rear cockpit with expanded view, lengthened fuselage, some models had deleted wing guns

Major Operators
  • USAAF: (1943–44) CBI
  • DAF: (1943–44) Mediterranean Theater
  • RAAF: (1943–44) South West Pacific
  • RNZAF: (1943–44) South West Pacific
  • VVS: (1943)

This version (Model 87V, 87W) remained in use as an air superiority fighter in the CBI. It was the most produced of all P-40s, with 5,220 examples built. In other theaters it was principally used as a fighter/bomber. It featured a lengthened fuselage and a more powerful 1300 hp Allison engine but the use of a single speed, single stage supercharger gave the model only a marginally better effective altitude than a P-40E. As with the F/L, there were both 'light' and 'heavy' versions, the lightest 'hot' fighter-configuration-with-four-guns P-40Ns achieved a top speed of up to 378 MPH. The first sub-model, P-40N-1-CU, weighted only 2,700 kg (max 4,015) and it was meant to be a high-altitude interceptor. It was the fastest of all P-40s with 608 km/h at 3,100 m (one of the best performances at such altitude), 6,7 minutes to 4,570 m, and a ceiling of 38,000 ft. Only 400 were built. Later run P-40Ns were made with a lower-power engine, specifically for training or fighter-bomber missions and had a top speed of only 345 Mph. The production led to many blocks, up to P-40N-40-CU with 1,360 hp and metal-covered ailerons. One of the most important sub-model, the P-40N-15-CU, weighed 6,200 pounds empty, 8,350 loaded, 11,400 max. Its performance dropped to 208 mph/5.000 feet, 325 mph/10,000 feet (thus almost 100 km/h slower), 343 mph/15,000 feet, at 20,000 feet in 8.8 min, service ceiling was 31,000 feet.

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Curtiss P-40N Warhawk "Little Jeanne" flown by USAAF Lieutenant Robert Warren (7th Fighter Squadron, 49th Fighter Group) during the Second World War. The aircraft was abandoned at Tadji, Papua New Guinea, recovered in 1974 and restored to flying condition in Australia in 2002.

Photo by Gsl at Wangaratta Aerodrome, 10 September 2005.

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