.: Andrew Liu's BAE Hawk T100 - for the Waverley Interclub Competition





Modelling Time:

~20 hrs

PE/Resin Detail:



"Interclub build for ESSMC
out of box"

Hawk 100

BAE Systems Hawk 120D at RIAT2005

A two-seat advanced weapons trainer with additional avionics, an optional forward looking infrared, a redesigned wing and HOTAS.[93]

  • Hawk 102 – Export version for Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Air Force. Fitted with wingtip missile rails and Racal Prophet RWR. Eighteen ordered in 1989 and delivered between April 1993 and March 1994.[84][88]
  • Hawk 103 – Lead-in fighter trainer for the Royal Air Force of Oman. Fitted with FLIR and laser ranger in extended nose, BAE Sky Guardian RWR and wingtip AAM rails. Four were ordered on 30 July 1990 and delivered from December 1993 to January 1994.[84][94]
  • Hawk 108 – Export version for the Royal Malaysian Air Force. Fitted with BAE Sky Guardian RWR and wing tip AAM rails. Ten ordered December 1990, and delivered January 1994 to September 1995.[84][95]
  • Hawk 109 – Export version for the Indonesian Air Force. (8)
  • Hawk 115 – Export version for the Canadian Forces, designated CT-155 Hawk in Canadian service.
  • Hawk 129 – Export version for Bahrain. (6)

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