.: Keeping that Spray Can Nozzle Clean!!

Here's a very useful tip that I've copied from FineScaleModeller's newsletter.

.: What you'll need.

  1. a small dish of the appropriate thinner for the spray can that you're using.
  2. a pair of fingers
  3. a fine straw or connection to compressed air
  4. a couple of minutes
  5. a rag

John Borgerding, Beloit, Wis., submitted this helpful modeling tip:
Here is something for all of us who use spray cans. We all know it is essential to keep the nozzle cleared out after use to avoid problems next time you use the can.
Most manufacturers recommend inverting the can and spraying until no paint comes out.
I have found a better, cleaner way to do this.
Rather than turning the can upside down and wasting loads of paint and propellant, I simply pull off the nozzle and soak it in lacquer thinner for about 60 seconds. (Don't use high-strength thinner -- regular- or medium-strength will work fine.) While the nozzle is soaking, I take a little thinner and wipe off the valve stem (the little tube coming out the top of the can).
I remove the valve from the thinner, wipe it off and blow any thinner out of it with an airbrush or long straw, then put it back on the can -- and it sprays like new every time. This method saves lots of paint and propellant, and only takes about a minute.

Thanks to John for that easy tip.....RjT

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