.: Omaka Classic Cars, adjacent to the Omaka Airfield Heritage Museum, Blenheim, NZ.

Omaka Classic Cars

Click on their "slogan" to go there on the web...

Here's just a sample of the cars on display, 10 days after they opened in Nov 2011.

My family had one of these, Wolseley 6/90.
"Z-Cars" British TV series featured them as Police Cars.
Ours was ex Army, Green, and had been bullet-proofed!

Then we "updated" to this, Wolseley 15/60
not a patch on the 6/90.
You're allowed to drool now....
This is an anti-drool cover - immacculate vehicle.
Always wanted one of these - but the mechanical reviews made me shiver!
My family had one...., no make that 3 , of these!
My dad had the 2.5 PI version of this,
and I had the 2000 version, in canary yellow!

Lovely car to drive, until I finished up replacing 6 different universal joints myself!
This one's for Kenny - Yes, it's an "FX"!!!
Go nuts, Kenny!
And for the Ford & Lotus fans...
And something for the Bike Enthusiasts too

At the time of our visit, all these vehicles were in fully operational condition.

and that's it, folks! - Just enough to get you interested - it makes for an interesting add-on to the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre next door, when you're in Blenheim N.Z..................Roger T...... !;^)}



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