.: November 2011 NZ Holiday & Visit to Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre

If you ever get to visit New Zealand's South Island, 
I would whole-heartedly recommend that you navigate 
your way to Blenheim, to visit the Peter Jackson 
supported  museum there.                  
It's called the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre. 
Next to the Omaka Airfield.                  
According to staff there, Peter Jackson arranged, on a
number of occasions, to have his "crew" arrive on site, 
and in a couple of weeks each, they completed the 1:1 
dioramas that you will see here.                  
Honestly, it's any WWI aircraft fan's paradise.
Here's a 2-stage map of how to get there...----->>>
Click on any of the pictures in this "presentation"
for a closer inspection,
and for anyone who wants even more detail,
I have the original SLR 5.3MB digital photos
All you have to do is ask...Roger T.                  
A word of warning - There's over 100 photos!!

And they don't object to you taking photos!

To please the WWII fans there's a couple of very dusty exhibits outside:

By the way, many of the aircraft on display are still capable of flying - Look for any with a drip tray underneath them - That's the give-away!!
You can see them every 2nd year at the Omaka Classic Fighters - click on the picture below...

and on the adjacent runway...

Now, we go inside - there's a set path to follow, rather like...errr.....IKEA.... but worth it.

Aircraft on this side..


Information plaques on this side...

Keep your eyes open, as there's stuff hung everywhere..

Just one of the many models on display throughout the museum - all first class stuff!!

Back to the Dioramas - a WWI Workshop, propellor making, wing repair...

Some engine details

some lovely prints adorn the walls...

Check out the immaculate woodwork!

& more models..

and just ioncase you want to superdetail a cockpit....

OK, so this is a model........but it's a very good one!

As is this....

This diorama is based on a true story, see it below the photos.

Up the tree...

Hey Peter!!!!!! Lookie here!!


some more models...

and that's the lot, folks - hope you enjoyed the tour!...............Roger T....... !;^)}

Checkout the Omaka Classic Cars presentation too....HERE


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