.: Models for Rob McCallum - in no particular order - Click on each image for a closer look

Whilst Rob is not a modeller, he is an avid collector & commissioner of models, especially Armour.
Some ESSMC members have been commissioned by Rob to build particular requests.
They include Peter McKinnon, Ken Noble, Harry Edmond & in particular Bob Williams.
Indeed, Bob has introduced Rob to the effects of the fine art of WEATHERING. .......Enjoy!

U99 U-boat

Boeing EA18G Growler



Gama Goat & Trailer

Flak Panzer & Trailer

Kettenkrad Cable Layer diorama

German Half-track diorama

Fiat 3000 Mod. 21

GMC with Bofors 40mm

Crew Loading Sturmtiger

Cougar 6x6 Iraq

Russian Amphibious APC

Type97 Japanese Medium Tank

Swedish Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Wiese Mk.20 Light Armoured Car

L.S.S.C. Boat & Crew

Rail Flatbed wagon with Panzerkampfwagen Turret


M998 IED Gun Truck

Bofors AA Battery & Crew

Israeli Merkava

German U-boat Type XXVII 'B'

Hawker Hurricane MkI


Medium Halftrack & Anti-Tank Gun

Halftrack & Cannon

Halftrack & Tank Transporter

Panzer II

Sherman Tank

Russian T-62 Tank

German E Boat Type 1

German E Boat Type 2

BT-7 Russian Light Tank

Char 2 French Super-Heavy Tank

Auto Blinder Armoured Car

German 128mm Kanone

LeClerc Tank

88mm Flak Gun

British 25 Pounder

Michael Whittman's Tiger

Retreat Into Tunisia

Land Wasser Schlepper

T-26 Russian Light Tank

US "White" Half-Track

LRDG Diorama Africa 1942

Mercedes Benz 4WD Heavy Cargo Truck

Dragon Wagon & Sherman

Renault Light Tractor & Trailer

German "Sturmgeschutz" III

Russian Light Rocket Launcher

RAH-66 Commanche

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