.: Models by Pat McCumiskey - in no particular order - Click on each image for a closer look

L.A.V.25 A2 S.L.E.P


IDF M50 Super Sherman
M4A3 Sherman POA
Cougar 6X6 JERRV

Warrior ICV

IDF M51 ISherman

British Army Churchill Crocodile

GAZ 233014 STS Tiger

AMX-10RCR Separ

Israeli Nagmachon

Sherman M4A3E8 76mm

Russian BMP-3

IDF Humvee

US Marines LVTP7

M1A1 Abrams

SU-85 Tank Destroyer

Star Wars Stormtrooper

German Army Dingo in Afghanistan

US Marines Sherman in Guam

UN Scimitar

Russian T35 Tank

I.D.F. M113 APC

I.D.F. Tiran

M60A3 with Dozer Blade


T-90 MBT

T-55 Medium Tank

T-34 I22 Tank

M47 Patton

LRDG Chevrolet (2015 variety)

IDF Tiran & Dozer

Cromwell Cruiser Tank

M48 Tank Diorama


Bell-Huey Commemorative Display

There's a Sherman in the Street!

Sherman Firefly Upgunned

British Soldier

Roman Soldier

M48A3 Tank (Vietnam)

M60A3 Patton & Crew

Challenger 2 Dozer

Pershing Super Diorama

T72 with Mine Plough

Humvee Bomb Disposal

Armed Toyota Hilux

Cromwell Cemetery Diorama

Challenger 2 from TELIC

Bushmaster P.M.V.

LVT (A) 1

T34/85 with Mine Roller

IDF M113 C&C

M113 Iraqi Freedom

Crashed Mitsubishi Zero

M60A3 Plus Dozer Diorama

Sherman M4A3 - #711

Sherman M4A3 - 76mm

Sherman Tank - Burma 1945

Sherman IV M4A3

Israeli M113

Japanese MBT Type 90

AAVP-7 Diorama

LRDG Chevrolet Diorama

Japanese Type 74

Russian T-34 Diorama

US Marines M4A2

Morris Quad Gun Tractor

Sherman Intersection & Diagrams



Egyptian SU-85 ARV

Pat's Superb & Highly Detailed Sherman Workshop

M60 & KMT Mine Roller

Israeli M60 Diorama

US Marines M7 Priest

Sherman V & Palace Wall

Sherman Vs Germans

Israeli M51 Sherman

Iraqi T-55 Enigma

German Army Fuchs 6x6

wasn't Pat's - removed!

BO-105 PAH

Centurion IDF

British Fuchs 6x6

British Army Achilles

Humber Scoutcar

British Scorpion

Armoured Railwagon

French Char B1

V150 Diorama

Star Wars Speeder Bike

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